The Valente Parables

I wrote this book of poetry with the intention of truthfully inspiring the reader from my heart to theirs. There are those of us who were not lucky enough to have the support system that would have made a significant difference in our Spirtual Journeys. For every fellow foster child out there who is at a loss, know that I lived in numerous homes, before I found my own. Remember that the darkness has no loyalty, but is defenseless against light. Though hell exists, what good are we, if we are not real?...Joelle

About The Poetic Artist: Joelle Valente

She is a true New Yorker with an unrelenting spirit that braved a smile in the face of adversity. She has three beautiful children; Charlie, Julian and Damaris. She found her destiny with the stroke of her pen. She loves to read, dance, comedy, watch movies and write poetry. She believes that character adds magic to the Soul.